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May 6, 2012


SAPad - Tool created by me for instant reports of SAs. This may be useful where DO prefers to have the reports from the SAs through email.

Configure SAPad.ini file as per your need. The Password need not be saved in the ini file. If not saved, you need to enter the password each time you send the mail.

The ini file will look like this. You can add up to 20 offices allocated to you.

Once the message is generated, by clicking the Report button, you have the option to get the report in printable version. Click Send email button to send the message through email.

Enter password. If it is saved in ini file no need to enter.Click Sign in. Pl ensure that internet is connected.

If the text aligning is need to be adjusted,can be done and click Send button to send the message.
To download,click the below button.


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