September 29, 2021

Tools by srfix re-shared on 29.09.2021


Its still improving.
Please wait for a newer version soon!

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Tool for creating file for bulk upload of articles booked by bulk customer

Search Pincode or Post Office

Maintain record of dak sent to RO
For DO Use

Maintain a record of documents sent from HO to SO

Record of History Sheets for Computers and other accessories.

Any other tool heard somewhere?
All works are here:
All tools created by srfix are uploaded here. You may find other useful stuff too.


April 11, 2021

Weblink 10 dated 25.03.2021

 Weblink Version 10 updated on 25.03.2021

It was and will be safe for ever!

Deletion of Weblink by Symantec End Point is fixed.

Complete Setup:

Get new EXE only here: