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May 25, 2017

Pincode Search- Tool by srfix

This is an extracted utility from RList software for use in POs and DO in individual systems. Send your feedback to
Updated on 29.05.2017

RList Plus 1.0 for CSI

Application for Bulk Customers
Updated on 29.05.2017
Since the template for bulk RLs booked in prepaid form to be uploaded in CSI is different from  postal service articles, RList Plus is here for the use of Bulk Customers.

Download clicking  the download button. Extract the zipped file. Install the Software running Setup.exe
In Control Panel check:

Go to-Region and Language -Formats Tab
Date format = dd/MM/yyyy

Set Default Printer - Printing preferences - Document size - Letter

If this is not set, error will be shown while printing the Report

In the first run, application will show the message as below.

 Login as Administrator. Password = sa

Configure Office Details,
The contact number shown here will be used for data entry. Hence this should be correct and active.
If Barcode Scanner is used, booking mode as Scanner is to be selected.
FM License number is the License number given to the Customer.

Create only one User.

Since the application will show the Operator First, only one operator will be more convenient.

Application comes with Pincode database. Search by Pincode and Office options provided. BOs are not included in the database. In this version, modifying Pincode database is not allowed.
Booking: For booking RLs in Bulk, Press F4. Or can be accessed through Menu Data Entry-RLs Bulk Booking.
The following window will show where user has to update the FM SOM No for once in a day. When the number changes for the next day, this has to be modified. Else, simply click on OK to continue.

In the booking screen, provide the eight digits of the Barcode if manual entry procedure is followed. Or scan the Barcode no. if Scanner mode is followed.

Enter the Weight of the article and press enter key. Then the postage will be populated. 

Then Name , address are to be entered. Then select the Post office by typing the first a few letters of the Post office then press down arrow, select the PO and press enter to get the Pincode. Then the City name will appear automatically. 

This is very important. If the City name and Pincode  do not match, the data will not be accepted.

At any time by clicking on View Booked RLs, the correctness of data entry can be confirmed. In case of wrong entry, editing. deleting  can be done. In case of deleting the entry, serial number is to be corrected individually.

On completion of booking all articles, exporting of data is to be done by clicking on Export hotlink or menu - Dataentry - Export.
In the next window, click on the Display button. All the articles booked will be displayed. Then click on export.
On clicking Export, Data will be exported to C:\ and saved as Bulklist_ddMMyyyy.xls

Eventhough the file is saved in Microsoft Excel 97-2003 worksheet, which is the requisite, if any error is shown while processing the file, the file is to be opened  in Microsoft Excel application and saved in a different name in the following file format  format:

Report of booked articles can be had through menu Reports-RLs Bulk List

Once export is over and more articles are still to be added, the booking can be continued. Howver while exporting data following message will be show. So when second export is needed, delete the file generated manually and re export the data.

Click the below button to download complete setup. Feel free to send your comments ,feedback, Bug reports to

May 22, 2017

RList 4.0 for CSI

Updated on 29.05.2017

RList 4.0 for CSI environment is released today.

This software is for booking RLs in bulk at Divisional offices, CPCs etc. This version is exclusively for CSI environment and not to be used for Meghdoot POS. The exported data will be saved in XLS format as desired by CSI.

Download clicking  the download button. Extract the zipped file. Install the Software running Setup.exe
In Control Panel check:
Go to-Region and Language -Formats Tab
Date format = dd/MM/yyyy
Set Default Printer - Printing preferences - Document size - Letter
On first run software will show you message:

Create one Operator through Administrator login. Password:  sa

As Administrator, configure Office details correctly. Change the details as per your office details. Contact mobile number should be correct and active.

Update Branches as needed. Then Operator can Login.Scanner or Manual mode will appear as configured in office details. Weight is given as 20. You can change it as per need.
While booking RL, select the destination office from the drop down list and press Enter. City name and  Pincode will automatically appear. If this is not followed, POS will not accept the list.

To view the articles booked, click on the button  "View Booked RLs" From the details RL can be edited,deleted. If deleted, Serial number should be corrected individually.

On clicking Data-Export, Data will be exported to Bulklist_ddMMyyyy.xls format in C:\

Before upload, You can open this file through  Microsoft Office-Excel Application and save a copy selecting
option if POS module shows any error.

Your Suggestions, comments are  most welcome. Send feedback to
RList for Bulk Customer in CSI is under preparation and will be posted soon.