December 31, 2016

June 22, 2016

srfix Tools

Tools created by Shivaram Puttur are available in Google Drive.
Click the following link to open Google Drive folder.

This contains the following Tools:


Updated on 16.05.2016
Tool to store URLs required for day to day work in a right click.
It contains useful utilities also.
Updated on 15.11.2015
Very useful tool for easy Finacling.
It contains almost all important menus for the day to day Finacling.
Tool for changing the extn of exe file to the desired extn.
Tool for preparing History Sheet of Computers/Printers/UPS etc
Tool for bulk booking of RL in DO. This will generate data in text file which can be uploaded to Despatch module in PO
Tool for DO to prepare Despatch list/ Receipt List of RO documents.
Tool for generating Barcode numbers in DTC/WCTC for Training purpose
Saves Barcode wastage in Training.
To backup MDB files of Meghdoot application.
MM Updater
Tool for applying patches and updates to Meghdoot application.
Udated on 18.02.16
Tool for use in DTC/WCTC for linking Clients to Server and making the Clients as Stand alone Servers for Meghdoot operations.
Blank Configen
When ePayment site is to be re registered, blank Config file  can be created through this without  re installing the  package.
Tool to register/ unregister all DLL files in a single click.
Notepad like utility for preparation of instant letters in DO. MS Office required.
Notepad like utility for preparation of instant letters in SO. MS Office required.
Notepad like utility for preparation of instant Reports for SA. MS Office required.


February 29, 2016

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