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April 26, 2019

Eventica - Diary for SA

Download complete Setup:

Download Exe and MDB

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April 8, 2019

RList+1.9 Dated 07.04.2019

RList+ 1.9 modified on 07.04.2019
Tool for  generating XLS file by the Bulk Customer, DO, HO, CPC etc for presenting in CSI Post offices for bulk upload (Bulk and Prepaid Bulk) DODak utility also included.

Whats New?
Change in interface. Option to Set default mode given.
Bug Fix

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Paper Size for Printing: Letter
Administrator Password: sa

RList1.9+ Complete Setup:

Exe and MDB only:

Other Tools updated and released on 07.04.2019 are:

HSheet 1.2.0 full Setup:

HSheet 1.2.0 Exe Only:

Weblink10 Setup:

Weblink10 Portable:

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