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February 9, 2018

RList 4.2 and RList Plus 1.2

Whats New?
Bug in generation of excel file fixed.
Improved GUI
Selection of Registered Letter, RLAD or Speed Post
Users already using RList  can replace the Exe only.
Administrator user Password: sa
Both these for  CSI environment.

RList+ 1.2
This is for the use of Bulk Customers. Bulk List for SpeedPost and Registered Letter can be generated.
PN: Providing mobile number in configuration is to obtain SMS for delivery of articles.

RList 4.2

This is for Divisional Offices, CPCs for booking postal service registered letters. Generated Bulk List is to be uploaded in POS module.

Download New Exe:     RList 4.2      RList+1.2

January 29, 2018

RList Plus 1.1 for Bulk Customer

RList Plus 1.1 release dated  28.01.2018 for bulk customers, to make data entry of prepaid RLs/RLADs and generate XLS file for CSI POS application.
What's new?:
Data entry for Acknowledgment Due RLs can also be made.
Total amount shown in Report.
List will be generated with Ref No prefix to the file.
Option to change the Logo.
Modified GUI.

January 21, 2018

RList 4.1

RList 4.1 , Can be used with database of 4.0. Download the zipped file , extract the exe and replace RList 4.0


RList 4.0 complete setup: Download